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Build your own Multi-player Simulations

RezMela™ is an innovative technology that enables users create, customize and manage avatar based interactive 3D virtual training environments in minutes without any programming or 3D modelling skills. Our solution enables the intuitive assembly of training scenarios and deep control of its virtual content. The RezMela ™ approach makes adapting precisely and rapidly training environments to unanticipated changes in learning requirements a no-brainer. One of the unique features of RezMela™ is that it is much more than just a virtual-training development application. It is also a powerful collaborative tool where users can use their avatars to interact within a responsive environment while communicating with each other via voice. This technology is currently being used to develop training and collaborative applications in the emergency preparedness, education and healthcare sectors. Check out our Google + community page and join the conversation.

The user manuals that are required to access and use RezMela™ can be obtained from the download section . For daily updates about our ongoing activities, visit and like our Facebook page . Don't miss our recent presentation (45 minutes) for the OSCC2014 conference where we discuss the unique features of our approach ( slides available ).