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Thanks for your interest in RezMela™. Alpha Testing starts at the end of October. We are currently accepting reservations for Alpha Testing. This test will focus on finding and fixing as many user interface design and programming issues as possible. As an alpha tester, your contributions with appropriate attributions will be documented officially on the RezMela™ site and within the virtual environment. Your input will also help us identify individuals that we will seek to hire. You are requested to provide as much information as you can about why you are interested in testing out RezMela™ . This information will help us select individuals if the number of applicants exceed our limited number of seats for alpha testing. We require prospective alpha testers to sign up with their real names and email addresses. For feedback and discussions between testers a dedicated mailing list will be used. We will announce when alpha-test related details/discussions can be released publicly, so you are expected to take great care in handling any proprietary information that you will come across until they have been made public.

In order to access a RezMela world, you will need to download and install a viewer, in this case, the Firestorm viewer for opensim. Click the orange button to download the recommended viewer, don't worry about whether the viewer will be compatible with your OS. The Download button leads to the installation file which is appropriate for your platform automatically. We have tested for both PC and Mac platforms.


Please download the following relevant documents.

RezMela Bare Basics describes the essential concepts and user interface elements required in order to master the RezMela application.

The 'Accessing RezMela' user guides describes step by step the software client application that needs to be downloaded and configured in order to access our cloud hosted application.

1. Accessing RezMela (win version)

2. Accessing RezMela (mac version)

Accessing RezMela cloud hosted environment through a firewall

You will need to open the following ports:

Ports 8002, 8010, 9000-9100 - TCP and UDP
Ports 80 and 443 - TCP (for Web server, HTTP/HTTPS)

If you want to be able to use voice in-world, then you also need to open the ports used by Vivox Voice, which is the third-party voice provider that we use. Vivox uses the following ports:

Ports 12000-17000 - UDP (for voice media, RTP/RTCP)
Ports 5060 and 5062 - UDP (for voice control signals, SIP)
Ports 3478 and 3479 - UDP (to aid in setting up voice with NAT, STUN)


If your organization is not willing to open the above ports, we can provide a solution for hosting RezMela behind your firewall. We provided the test environment as a cloud hosted one so that you need not have to install the server applications behind your firewall. Let us know which option will work best for your organization.

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How to enter virtual worlds on kitely?

Entering Kitely virtual worlds is done using a virtual world viewer, which is a program that runs outside the browser. More information available here.