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RezMela's underlying infrastructure allows fast prototyping of multi-user games

Our infrastructure speeds up the prototyping of a range of multi-user games that cuts across genres, from board games, to traditional racing, shooting, role playing and adventure games. The breadth and scope of our infrastructure provides unlimited opportunities for non programmers to experiment with various game designs. We believe that the boundary between games for entertainment and serious games is a very fuzzy, if not an unnatural one. Our goal is to take design elements from traditionally successful games and to inject them into games designed primarily for learning. In particular, we study the various factors that make traditional games engaging and even addictive and strive to use lessons learned to inform the design of our applications to support learning.

Board games

Once graphics assets are imported into the OpenSim environment, we can use RezMela's Malleable Linkset technology to prototype in a few hours a virtual multi-user replica of a very wide range of board games. The following board game is a virtualized version of a real board game originally designed to teach children about good nutrition practice.

The following game board example is a rather trivial one to implement using the Malleable Linkset technology that RezMela provides. The Gomoku board was implemented under one hour. Please note that the board is a simulation of the corresponding real world game board and does not involve any artificial intelligence back end.

Mashing up games from different genres

This example demonstrates how we used RezMela™ to prototype a mashup between a multi-user shooter game with a top-view strategy game.

Multi-user shooter games

We are included these captured animated clips here for no other reason than to illustrate how the RezMela™ can indeed be used to create rapidly typical traditional multi-user shooter gaming scenarios. Here a player is using an RPG to destroy enemy assets.

The following describes a duel between two military tanks.

Car racing, demolition derby

This example illustrates  vehicles which have been configured to run autonomously for a demolition derby type mini game.