Where virtual learning environments emerge at the speed of your imagination

Use case I: Rapid Interactive Case History Development

RezMela allows subject matter experts to deploy rapidly interactive virtual worlds that can be used to illustrate case histories. In this example, the instructor uses a real world historical event to inform his scenario design. The following clip from RT presents the case as news snippet. This is going to be the inspiration piece for the Interactive Case History Development.

In minutes, instructors are able to assemble the various elements that highlight the main didactic components relevant to the real world case scenario described above. This allows them to support their Hazmat Response class with a relevant interactive avatar based virtual learning environment. Students can log into this virtual environment and be embedded in a collaborative immersive learning situation.

Use case II: Deeply interactive scenarios with accelerated NPC behaviors

There are many instances where subject matter experts need to create environments where non player character (NPC) behaviors need to be played out in compressed time scales. Here we demonstrate how our scenario primitives can be pre-programmed in order to achieve this goal. In this particular example, we create an environment where NPCs are fed certain foods and see their impact on their bodies and their mobility. We also show the NPCs losing weight after exercising. Point to note, the whole house and contents is one interactive object, and so is the interactive park. These are scenario primitives that can be selected and dropped into a virtual learning environment at a click. We are including this example here only to demonstrate the diversity of applications that RezMela can address.

Use case III: Story telling

RezMela has been found to be an easy-to-use scene creation system. It provides a growing library of self-contained objects that users can quickly assemble by point-and-click to create virtual scenes. These scenes can be used to tell a story or to describe a situation. During the summer of 2014, we organized a machinima competition, and the following clip won the first Prize for short story telling. This clip was created and recorded live within a virtual environment produced by our system during a couple of hours.

Use case IV: Traditional computer gaming

Our system is powerful enough to implement traditional games that can be used as ice breakers ahead of virtual collaborative learning exercises. The availability of familiar games can motivate some users to hone their virtual world interaction skills before they get called into action for the actual exercises.

Tank wars
Military action games