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Why should your institution be interested in virtual team training?

Problem based training in virtual reality is a proven approach to support rapidly evolving education needs across several sectors of the Industry. Examples of such sectors include: Health care, Education, Armed forces, Construction and Emergency Response.

Most commonly cited benefits of virtual reality training are:

  • Unlimited opportunities for practice

  • Team Training opportunities across distances

  • Safety of simulated environments
  • Potentially realistic scenarios
  • Deeper engagement with learning content
  • Cost effective
  • Improved retention of lessons learned
  • Ability to accommodate different learning styles
  • High return on investment when directly compared to corresponding real world training exercise settings

RezMela™ enables users to create their own virtual learning environments. These environments can be used to support relevant team training activities. In addition, they can also be used as a collaboration platform. For example, the environments can be used to inform advanced group analysis of past events through safe virtual reenactments, or can be used as a group planning application for future scenarios.